Your favorite Bullywug Bard


Chaedi views events as a series of tales to be told. Her decisions are often based on what kind of story it would make. As her frequent audience is that of a tavernkeep, his family, and the travelers and drunkards who frequent inns; she subconsciously places them as the judges of her life.
Tavern flies tend not to pay attention if a story gets boring, and so Chaedi likes to live life to the fullest; believing that true action should be worthy of story or song. As a result she habitually finds herself in difficult situations in pursuit of the newest song or limerick.

Background to follow ;)

New (and frequently used) Songs:
  • Deep Speech Song of Lament – unknown origin (Grism)
  • Hrashkam – by goblin children
  • Goblin Song 1 – traditional goblin song
  • Goblin Song 2 – traditional goblin song


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