A Freed Man/Rock/Thing


Arzn, a warforged created for a glorious life in the art of warfare and battle was crafted and born into this world just as the war in the mountains came to a close. Sent from battle front to battle front the shedding of blood always alluded him, and before his blade could taste blood the fighting came to a close. Having no further purpose for the victors of this war, his creators, they sold him to be a bodyguard for the highest bidder.

Bouncing from employer to employer, defending against minor, and futile assassination attempts, Arzn began to question his purpose in this world. Never knowing a single location for more than the space of a few years, his sense of home was never found. No connections that could be called a true friendship. That is, until he came to work in the house of a Dwarven family.

In a small village tucked away in the Narrow Valley deep in the Echoing Mountains, Arzn began to feel like an outcast amidst this tiny Draven community. Then one day has he accompanied the young boy of the family to the market he finds the shop of a wizard that traveled to sell potions and other magical goods. Looking at the shop as the boy bought his trinkets Arzn found that the sword featured in the shop called to him. The perceptive wizard saw this connection and began to explain that the use of this sword required the use of magic, something Arzn was not created with the knowledge of. But after much pleading over the sword this wizard, slightly strange in nature, agreed to train this odd creature.

The wizard agreed to free the Warforged from his ties with the family but at a cost not mentioned. Longing for freedom from this hellhole, Arzn agreed with the light of freedom and knowledge before him. Only then to be disapointed as the family he had sworn to protect we slain by a poison that very night, one that would free Arzn of his ties, and free to leave with the wizard to his home, a tower lost in the woods. The tower of Arcamindus.

As time passes Arzn was trained how to use the sword that called his name. His powers grew and began to cast spells through this weapon. But as his powers grew, so did his connection to this Arcamindus. A connection that bound him to protect and serve.


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