Theda's Madness

Our Story So Far

The Beginning

Our heroes met in the usual way, partaking of the evening’s entertainment and ale in the dock-town of Warfburg. Not knowing each other, some not even knowing where they were, each sat in anticipation. What adventure was in store for them tonight?
A hooded man sat silently at the bar, one hand resting on the counter, the other tightly gripping a tankard of hard liquor. They then proceeded to assist the man whose name was Charles to defeat his uncle roger. Charles told them of a key that he had found with a map in his family tomb. Akoi Silverkin then proceeded to intimidate Charles out of all of he owned. On their way out of the town to find were the map led they over herd an elf that had caught a small boy stealing from him. The boy pled for ledoran not to tell the guard as he had to steal to get his mother out of prison. Upon hearing this story our heroes Ledoran the elf, Grism the Githzerai, Akoi the human, Tasha the Eladrin, and Red XIII the “catdog” decided to help the boy get his mother out of jail.

The escape

Ledoran took the boy and burst into the guard place and told the captain that he needed to teach the boy to drink like a man after many rounds of drink the party finally drank the entire guard place under the table. To their ill luck a patrol returned just as they were letting the mother out. Well Tasha managed to lure 2 guards away there was still a brief battle at the guard place. Once the guards were taken care of the party took the mother and son to the gate and told them to hurry to the next town

The Tomb

With the mother and her childe safely on their way the party was free to find the lock for the key they had taken from Charles Tahsa having some knowledge of the area led the party to a cave known as RedCove at the back of this cave was a large stone door with an inscription “ “

The Skull/Vampire Dungeon

After entering the cavern to a horde of zombie minions and a pair of giant zombies, our band of adventurers sought out the secrets of these halls. Amidst their finds: a river, a room of chests and barrels, and a large cavern full of Vampires conductinga ritual of sorts. Upon entering the hall a battle broke out, one in which much blood was shed, and loss was suffered on both sides. When things seemed bleak, from a portal sprang forth the very same lich that had sent them on this quest. With his aide Sass n Crass was able to defeat the vampires, but not before Grism suffered a fatal blow, leaving his lifeless body upon the floor. Lich took the jar in the middle and returned through the portal from whence he came.

The Druid

Upon defeating the Vampires, Grism was tossed through the portal to the Tower of Grenac. Arzn followed him through to converse with the Lich in regards to the portal and how long it would be open. Having ben given a timer, he returned through the portal. The group had begun to venture to the unexplored parts of the cave. Chaedi returned to the river and ventured up stream to find a waterfall. Upon further exploration she found a cliff overseeing the entryway to the dungeon, from which she called lickety and split up to meet her, and returned to the group. Meanwhile the rest of the party began to explore the remaining room. Beds, chests, and the dead are all that were found. The dead were dressed in a uniform with an insignia that none could identify. They cut one insignia from the cloth to take to a scholar to be identified.

The timer began to wear to the last of its moments and knowing such our beloved group rushed to the portal (at this point Chaedi still had not returned from her river exploration). Squeatus departed in search of the undead bullywug. Grism joined the group from the portal, looking a little more dead than before, and joined with Squeatus in his efforts. All but the three had rushed through the portal, and Grism, using a half truth, convinced Chaedi to return to the tower of Grenac with the rest.

The Lich thanked them for their help and asked they wait 3 days before receiving the afore desired jewelry. Taking this time to explore the town, or do as they may, the time was passed. Chaedi began to sing in the town, however she was meet by a keeper of the peace who insisted she not sing until the hour of song. Excited to learn of an hour dedicated to song, she questioned as to when it was, to so revel in its beauty. The peacekeeper told her it was not but once a month, and that any so desire to change it would need to be taken to the town counsel. Driven by her passion of music, the bard rushed to the counsel hall and desired to speak with them. After a bit of diplomacy she was scheduled to meet them in 3 days time. Time passed and the Lich gave them their desired jewel they were sent for. He then informed them that they had a choice to make. To select another undead power given by him, or seek out a Druid to resurrect them to their living state. Squeatus was the only to choose further undeadness and selected the ability to remove any limb at will and be able to control and reattach it when desired. Grenac then pulled Arzn aside and upon him place a number of runes and cast a ritual. A ritual that he wasn’t sure what the outcome would be, but power was promised as a result.

With information about the Druid, Darius, the group set out to find him in the woods to the north. Traveling a number of days they finally reached a Lodge. Fearing the reaction of the local population to a band of undead adventurers, Arzn was sent to converce with them accompanied by Chaedi, using her ability to change her appearance. They were met by an elf, Locar. Amidst the conversation they learned that Darius had moved out west to live with his cousin on the burning hill. Also that there was an unbelievably large amount of dead coming from the area of Warfburg. Noticing the hatred of the undead, the party left in search of the burning hill.

Finding the hill and the house of the druid, Arzn again stepped forth to speak with Darius, an older individual who after a bit of conversation showed signs of short term memory loss. Memory, however, was not the only thing he had lost. Due to an elemental chaos shard in the area, the druids powers were somewhat lacking, he asked that they might bring the shard to him. Location of the shard: deep in the lava. He gave them the power to resist the heat, but no immune to it. Arzn and Grism dove into the lava in search of it. Arzn, failing to complete the task returned to the surface. Shortly afterwards Grism returned, holding the shard, suffering much to his health. Arzn, feeling as though he had let them down in returning early from his search carried the incredibly heated shard to the Druid, who placed in on a pan covered in runes and sent in through a portal. The land began to cool and the lava hardened. After some coaxing, he was convinced, for the third time, to return the rest of the undead adventurers to life. That is all but Squeatus. Our group then left the home of Darius, the memoryless druid.

A Parting of Ways/Temple of Bahamut

After visiting the Druid and taking advantage of the healing powers he had to offer, the group turned to return to Arcamindus, the half half crazed wizard. Tasha, driven by her desire to train under Grenac, bade her farewells and parted ways with the group. Saddened by their loss, yet still determined to press on we traveled towards Larbekistern as a quick stop towards Arcamindus. As we journied towards the town we encountered many undead. At first it was not but a faint groan in the night, a random wonderer here or there. The closer we traveled the larger the groups grew. In one encounter we found an undead dressed with a shirt that seemed to speak to Chaedi and Squeatus, and no one else. A shirt, only wanted to “go to a party” and “have a good time”. They took the shirt from the undead and left the corpse even deader than when they found him. Ledoran attempted to wear the article but it seamed to remove itself. When placed upon Chaedi it stayed. When they tried to take it off it would not budge. When cut it would almost instantly mend itself. Only through the effort of Grism and Ledoran pulling on the sleeves as Arzn cut the shirt from the back were they able to remove it from Chaedi. The shirt repaired itself and Chaedi placed it in her bad to be studdied at a later time.

Upon arrival at Larbekistern we found the city barren of the living, or rather, it was full of dead things/people. In front of the Temple of Bahamut there were two Black Guardians. At their feet laid a mass of fallen paladin. As the group approached the Darkened soldiers battle ensued. In the heat of battle Grism suffered yet another near fatal blow, picked up this time by Ledoran. Through much fighting the two were slain and the bodies of the Paladin were searched. Arzn found a new longsword and David found a (insert item here). The group looted the bodies of their money. Arzn stricken with curiosity stepped up to the doors of the temple and opened one, unveiling to the group for a moment the danger that lurked inside. Skelator.



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